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 ·  Welcome to the 'Hotel California' case: The trial over handwritten lyrics to an Eagles classic
 ·  Body of 11-Year-Old Texas Girl Who Vanished on Way to School Found in River
 ·  'Win-win': A bill to eliminate taxes on Social Security benefits has been reintroduced — and it might keep the program afloat for 20 more years. Here's how
 ·  Flint man becomes first person charged under Michigan's new gun storage law
 ·  Why Trump may soon rake in a $4 billion payday despite his legal problems
 ·  Grant Cardone Says Earning $400,000 A Year Would 'Embarrass' Him As A Husband, Father And Human Being — 'How Do You Make Sense Of $35,000 A Month?'
 ·  2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 pricing announced
 ·  The One Thing That Actually Reduces Plaque Buildup In Your Arteries, According to Cardiologists
 ·  7 signs you’re financially healthy even if you don't feel like it — how many do you have?
 ·  7 Trump losses in a row, and counting
 ·  Donald Trump's New Self-Proclaimed Status Has People Reaching For Dictionaries
 ·  Oklahoma transgender student dies after allegedly assaulted by students at school
 ·  China-born Australian democracy blogger won't appeal suspended Chinese death sentence
 ·  Angler learns why his record fish was rescinded; it’s not good
 ·  US tourist admits raping and murdering hiker he threw into German ravine

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