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 ·  Members of self-proclaimed anti-government group ‘God’s Misfits’ held in killings of Kansas women
 ·  Violent sexual assault suspect at large in Southern California, police say
 ·  28 photos show what Iran looked like before the 1979 revolution turned the nation into an Islamic republic
 ·  Chicago woman pleads guilty, gets 50 years for cutting child from victim's womb
 ·  I drank nothing but orange juice for 40 days — here’s what it did to my body
 ·  ‘I don’t want to see you unless you’re in a casket:’ Murdered Las Vegas mom’s family points to warning signs
 ·  A woman who accused Trevor Bauer of sex assault is now charged with defrauding ex-MLB player
 ·  Ex-Aide Sums Up Donald Trump’s Attitude To Melania Trump With 3 Words
 ·  Protesters, vehicles block traffic at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; 46 arrested
 ·  Salvage crews race against the clock to remove massive chunks of fallen Baltimore bridge
 ·  California valedictorian will no longer give graduation speech over 'alarming' discussion
 ·  ‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson Fires Back at Cops Who Trolled Him Online
 ·  The Philippine president says he won't give US access to more local military bases
 ·  Dismissed Juror Has 1 Word To Describe What It’s Like Seeing Trump In Person
 ·  Tech exec predicts ‘AI girlfriends’ will create $1B business: ‘Comfort at the end of the day’

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