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 ·  UAE dismantles plane of gunrunner Russia wants for Americans
 ·  A former tech developer bought a rusty 1955 cruise ship on Craigslist and estimates he's spent $1 million restoring it. Check it out.
 ·  Donald Trump's Stiff Chant Of Uvalde Victims' Names At NRA Rally Curdles Critics' Blood
 ·  FBI records on search for fabled gold raise more questions
 ·  Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention?
 ·  Video: Ted Cruz was confronted after NRA conference by ex-House candidate at Houston restaurant: '19 children died! That's on your hands!'
 ·  Man gets life in prison, plus 45 years, in beheading case
 ·  Coweta man sentenced in ‘worst child molestation case’ judge had ever seen
 ·  Video shows Western fighters ambushing Russian armored vehicle in Ukraine with rocket launcher
 ·  Medicare recipients to see premium cut — but not until 2023
 ·  Lee Greenwood, After Canceling NRA Appearance, Drops Bomb on Fox News: ‘That Weapon Killed Kids!’
 ·  Authorities say security video shows the back door of Texas school was propped open by a teacher just before the gunman attacked the school
 ·  Parole recommended for California follower of Charles Manson
 ·  John McEnroe reflects on Serena Williams' legacy, potential soon-to-be retirement
 ·  She struggled to love her small chest. After starting a bra company, she finally does

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