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 ·  Undervaccinated red states are nowhere near herd immunity as dangerous Delta variant spreads
 ·  Manchin Says He Will Continue to Support Hyde Amendment
 ·  Asian Business Owners Knock Out Man Allegedly Harassing Them in Their Store in Ireland
 ·  Historic change: Arab political parties are now legitimate partners in Israel's politics and government
 ·  G7 leaders pose for "family photo" as summit kicks off in seaside village in England
 ·  Ex-state trooper sent himself nude photos from woman’s phone after crash
 ·  Sri Lanka testing for oil in waters near stricken cargo ship
 ·  Nevada group proposes forcing teachers to wear body cameras to ensure they don't teach critical race theory
 ·  4 police officers placed on administrative leave after video goes viral
 ·  Exclusive: US has left Afghanistan with no hope of fighting Taliban, says 'Butcher of Kabul'
 ·  8 dead, 3 injured in China factory's chemical leak
 ·  These 10 Coastal Hotels Ooze Made-in-America Charm
 ·  Trump's false Lafayette Square exoneration
 ·  Miami woman accused of using exotic cars to lure, drug and steal from men, police say
 ·  Yemeni news agency: Rebel missiles hit key city, killing 8

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