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 ·  Romney speculates Turkey called Trump's bluff: 'Are we so weak and inept?'
 ·  Japan PM visits storm-hit areas; royal parade may be delayed
 ·  Clinton email probe finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information
 ·  Murderer who triggered Hong Kong protests will go to Taiwan: pastor
 ·  New ICE Program Exposes Hundreds of Fraudulent ‘Family Units’ Trying to Cross The Border
 ·  Marine Corps says another WWII hero misidentified in iconic, flag-raising Iwo Jima photo
 ·  Clever-Approved Travel Gear That Looks Good and Works Even Better
 ·  House GOP Leader Praises Mark Zuckerberg for Political Ads Policy
 ·  Moms Demand Action founder says advocacy group is not anti-gun
 ·  Trump's former personal lawyer says Rudy Giuliani has 'gone off the rails,' has a secret Ukraine ledger
 ·  Atatiana Jefferson's death highlights a long history of police violence in Fort Worth, and the community says it's time for a 'reckoning'
 ·  U.S. ground troops will not enforce Syria safe zone: defense secretary
 ·  Proposed GM contract lifts wages, closes 4 plants
 ·  Why Mexico Is Cooperating with Us on Immigration
 ·  Taco Bell sued by NJ couple over $2.18 dispute over Chalupa Cravings Boxes

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