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 ·  A man facing execution for 1998 murder addresses Utah parole board, asks for life sentence instead
 ·  Musk says trans child was figuratively 'killed by the woke mind virus,' vows to destroy it: 'My son is dead'
 ·  Las Vegas woman says she recorded child sex assault to avoid blackmail: police
 ·  Anti-whaling campaigner Paul Watson arrested in Greenland. He faces possible extradition to Japan
 ·  Lake Pleasant boaters experience monsoon chaos: 'It was crazy'
 ·  Four wildfires reach ‘megafire’ status in Oregon, scorching thousands of acres
 ·  India ed-tech firm Byju's founder faces reckoning as startup implodes
 ·  Woman who died from ME begged GP for help after hospital ‘did nothing’
 ·  IRS Finalizes 10-Year Rule For Retirement Withdrawals, Making Things 'Even More Insanely Complicated'
 ·  Boeing and NASA engineers have wrapped up ground tests on the Starliner thruster
 ·  Marjorie Taylor Greene's Attack On Secret Service Director Manages To Backfire
 ·  5 Grocery Stores You Might Want To Avoid When Purchasing Ground Beef, According To Customer Reviews
 ·  Porsche waters down EV ambitions, says transition will take 'years'
 ·  Las Vegas diner faces costly vandalism, part of ongoing trend
 ·  National Hurricane Center on track for changes to cone of concern. Here's what to expect

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