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 ·  Biden's news conference takes abrupt, lengthy turn
 ·  Britney Spears' legal team wants Jamie Spears to 'admit' he had a 'romantic relationship' with his daughter's former business manager, Lou Taylor, according to court documents
 ·  John Mellencamp recalls ex-wife barring ‘girls’ from backstage, has complied since 1991: ‘Her advice was good’
 ·  Teddy Roosevelt statue removed from outside New York museum after critics called it a symbol of colonialism and racism
 ·  Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend says in a new documentary that Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton 'were like brothers'
 ·  Where are you most likely to catch COVID? New study highlights high risk locations
 ·  Colorado coal town grapples with future as plant shuts down
 ·  An anti-vax Czech singer died after she intentionally caught COVID-19 in an attempt to get a health pass
 ·  Chinese couple trapped for a month together on their second date due to sudden COVID lockdown get engaged
 ·  Why some people in close quarters get COVID-19 — and others don't
 ·  Family of US Marine killed in Afghanistan files $25 million lawsuit against Alec Baldwin, claiming the actor accused them of being insurrectionists on Instagram
 ·  Kentucky senator's embarrassing Zoom mishap aired live during committee meeting
 ·  Suspended professor threatens to sue if he's not reinstated
 ·  Why Schumer picked a filibuster fight he couldn't win
 ·  Money keeps pouring in for Fresno State basketball’s Cavinder twins. New deal is next-level

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