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 ·  Most of the coronavirus tests the U.S. does are worthless. But there's a solution that could actually work — and stop the spread.
 ·  Biden rows back from interview where he said Latinos are 'incredibly diverse' unlike African Americans
 ·  Marijuana sent him to prison for decades. Now he has COVID-19 and is seeking release.
 ·  Biden on congressional gridlock: 'If there's no way to move other than getting rid of the filibuster, that's what we'll do'
 ·  US warns Americans to 'exercise increased caution' in New Zealand due to Covid-19
 ·  Fact check: Sex crimes by public officials not connected to Ghislaine Maxwell
 ·  Woman confronting vandals covered in paint during renewed Portland protests
 ·  Fox News Host Sandra Smith Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s COVID ‘Misinformation’
 ·  Students at Georgia school snapped photos of maskless peers. Now, they face expulsion
 ·  The Russian owner who abandoned the ship full of ammonium nitrate that caused the Beirut explosion has been questioned by police in Cyprus, reports say
 ·  US ambassador says Iran is world No. 1 sponsor of terrorism
 ·  George Floyd: US protesters charged as 'gang' face life sentence
 ·  Appeals court rules for U.S. House over subpoena for ex-White House lawyer
 ·  A Sampling of Work From Mexico City’s Top Talents 
 ·  Decades after they last saw each other, homecoming king and queen reunited by chance on a dating app

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