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 ·  Harry Reid says that Biden should spend 'no more than three weeks' testing Republican cooperation before eliminating the Senate filibuster
 ·  'An incredibly tragic day for Ocala': Florida police chief Greg Graham killed in plane crash
 ·  Colombia surpasses one million Covid-19 cases: ministry
 ·  Nigeria's police order massive mobilization after unrest
 ·  A white woman yelled 'f--- Black Lives Matter' at a Starbucks barista after she told her to wear a mask
 ·  Pelosi Says She Will Run for Speaker Again as Coronavirus Stimulus Talks Remain Stalled
 ·  China Communist Party plenum kicks off in Beijing
 ·  Ethiopia blasts Trump remark that Egypt will 'blow up' dam
 ·  Critics slam 'shameless hypocrisy' of Saudi G20 meeting as women activists sit in jail
 ·  Singapore Airlines doesn't want to dethrone its original world's longest flight even though the new one is 3 miles longer – here's how the two will differ
 ·  The Trump administration has surrendered to the pandemic
 ·  Fox News Is Covering Hunter Biden Claims More Than 2016 WikiLeaks Emails
 ·  'Thailand doesn't need you': ultra-royalists push back against protesters
 ·  Roe v. Wade ruling matters, but mostly as a symbol. It has not protected abortion rights.
 ·  Mexico seizes industrial-scale meth, fentanyl lab in capital

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