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 ·  'Bastards and scum': Ex-Russian President Medvedev broadcasts dark Kremlin ambitions
 ·  Alex Jones' wife said she is 'unaware' and 'upset' her husband sent a nude photo of her to Roger Stone
 ·  Lindsey Graham says 'nobody's above the law' after FBI searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago club but added that he's 'suspicious' of the investigation
 ·  Gen. Milley drafted scathing letter of resignation to Trump after Lafayette Square
 ·  Mercedes driver involved in 13 prior wrecks before Windsor Hills crash that killed 5, D.A. says, was going 90 mph
 ·  The Kremlin officials are so afraid of "Bayraktar" UCAVs they threaten to "demilitarise" the production of drones in Ukraine
 ·  Ukrainian resistance grows in Russian-occupied areas
 ·  I Finally Got To Date My Crush Years After Middle School. Then The Unthinkable Happened.
 ·  Jennette McCurdy says her mom warned her not to get 'too close' to 'iCarly' costar Miranda Cosgrove because she 'doesn't believe in God'
 ·  Toilet photos undercut Trump claim he never tried to flush presidential records
 ·  Alyssa Farah Griffin says FBI may have ‘handed’ Trump the presidency
 ·  Video captures Las Vegas vape shop owner stopping day-time robbery by stabbing would-be thief
 ·  Most electric vehicles won't qualify for federal tax credit
 ·  Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Massive Blasts at Russian Base in Crimea Despite Kremlin’s Story
 ·  Olivia Newton-John 'wasn't walking anymore' and 'had full-time care' weeks before death, says 'Grease' costar Didi Conn

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