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 ·  Connecticut woman sentenced to year in jail for voyeurism
 ·  Buckingham Palace staffer who resigned over racist comments once reportedly said Harry and Meghan's marriage would 'end in tears'
 ·  Mysterious structure unearthed by erosion in Volusia County
 ·  Alabama 'execution survivor' reaches settlement with state
 ·  Steph Curry Sells His Bay Area Mansion for $31 Million
 ·  As Ukrainian forces recaptured a key town, another elite Russian unit appears to have gone through 'the meat grinder'
 ·  Report: No altitude advice before Dallas air show crash
 ·  Casey Anthony makes bombshell claims about daughter’s death in first ever on-camera interview
 ·  Verdict in Trump Trial Could Come Down to Three Little Words
 ·  Nigerian stowaways found on ship's rudder in Canary Islands
 ·  Missing girls and golden retriever reunite with parents after large community search
 ·  Death of co-pilot who mysteriously exited plane midflight during emergency landing was an accident, autopsy says
 ·  Contractor: Golden Gate Bridge suicide net will cost $400M
 ·  Putin’s Own Cronies Expose Crimea Chaos in Messy PR Meltdown
 ·  'Community has been wiped off the map': At least 2 killed, several injured when tornadoes tear across South

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